What is the use of Realtime Followers App

Realtime Follower is an android and iOS app that allows you to view Instagram profile pictures in full size. It’s a popular tool used by people who want to see someone’s Instagram profile picture without having to follow them or send them a request. All you need to do is enter the Instagram username of the person whose profile picture you want to view, and Realtime Follower app will display their picture in high resolution. Realtime Follower app also offers a few other features such as downloading profile pictures and downloading Instagram stories and reels.

Lets see all its features in details:

View high resolution Instagram DP

With the help of this app you can view Instagram DP of any user in high resolution without following them or without them knowing that you have seen their display picture. It does not matter whether the profile is private or public. You can save the pictures also.

Recent Profile Searches

Here you can see the recent searches of profiles by all users.

Recent Unfollowers: Here you can see the people who have unfollowed you recently. As to gain more followers on Instagram people follows you and once you follow them back they just unfollow you. So you can find out such people who just unfollowed you.

View story anonymously

With the help of this application you can view the story of the people you are following without knowing them that you have seen their story. You can also download their story.

Download Instagram Story

You can download anyone story by entering their story url and click on download button.

Download Instagram Profile Post

You can download anyone’s profile photo and post by entering their profile photo url and click on download button.

Download Instagram Reels

You can download any Instagram reels by just entering reel url and click on download button.

Follower Check

You can keep a check on who has unfollowed you or who has not followed you back. You can also check mutual followers as well as people whom only you are following.

Check Instagram Stalkers

This is one of a very rare feature which is free in this app. Rest all app charge money for checking out stalkers. With the help of this app you can check out who all are staking your Instagram profile.

Realtime Followers Download Links:

Android App Playstore Link

iOS App Link

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